Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheer for METCO!

As you know, the Wayland METCO Program is having our Florence Adler METCO Cup this Saturday, and we would like to present you with a special opportunity to participate. For those of you who aren't already committed to running or walking, there is a very special job that needs your help.

This year, each intersection of the race will be staffed by onlookers, clappers, cheerleaders who will both give directions and cheer our runners/walkers on. We though it would be a fun idea to have each intersection manned by staff members from a single school, in the hopes that there might be some friendly competition between schools.

The intersections are as follows.

Ø Happy Hollow- School St. and Loker St. ;

Ø Loker Staff- Loker St. and Alden Road (Loker takes a turn here)

Ø Claypit Hill- Aqueduct and School St.

Ø High School- School St. and East Plain

Ø Middle School- East Plain and Rt 27 (Near fire station)

Please let us know by Friday morning if you are interested in cheering on our runners!

Here's how to participate:

Email me and tell me which school you are from.

Show up at your assigned intersection at 10:35-10:45


Thank you, and I hope to see you Saturday.


James Miller


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