Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheer for METCO!

As you know, the Wayland METCO Program is having our Florence Adler METCO Cup this Saturday, and we would like to present you with a special opportunity to participate. For those of you who aren't already committed to running or walking, there is a very special job that needs your help.

This year, each intersection of the race will be staffed by onlookers, clappers, cheerleaders who will both give directions and cheer our runners/walkers on. We though it would be a fun idea to have each intersection manned by staff members from a single school, in the hopes that there might be some friendly competition between schools.

The intersections are as follows.

Ø Happy Hollow- School St. and Loker St. ;

Ø Loker Staff- Loker St. and Alden Road (Loker takes a turn here)

Ø Claypit Hill- Aqueduct and School St.

Ø High School- School St. and East Plain

Ø Middle School- East Plain and Rt 27 (Near fire station)

Please let us know by Friday morning if you are interested in cheering on our runners!

Here's how to participate:

Email me and tell me which school you are from.

Show up at your assigned intersection at 10:35-10:45


Thank you, and I hope to see you Saturday.


James Miller


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

May 16th, Florence Adler METCO Cup

The Florence Adler METCO Cup is a 5K walk/run to raise money for the METCO Program. This year other towns will have a chance to compete against Wayland to win the METCO Cup. To qualify, each town has to register at least 10 high school students. The top three runners on each qualified team will have their times averaged. The town with the best time wins the cup, takes the trophy to their school for the year, and wins the right to wear the yellow shirts at next years race.

About the METCO Cup

  • 5K (3.1 mile) Race

  • Sixth Annual Race

  • Money goes towards funding scholarships, scholastic awards, summer reading books, after-school programs and late-buses so kids can participate in activities after the school day ends.

  • Without this money, students who live in Boston would not be able to participate in sports, music, theater, or meet with their teachers after school.


  • Voluntary desegregation program that buses students from Boston schools into the suburbs.

  • METCO is funded through state funds and fund raising efforts

  • METCO fills empty seats within the school systems and helps provide towns with much needed funds.

  • METCO is 43 years old, and Wayland has had a METCO Program for 41 years.

  • Program has been cut by 14% this year, significantly more than

About the History

Florence Adler was a staunch supporter of the Wayland METCO. Her efforts in town increased awareness of diversity and the value of integration in our schools. This race memorializes her name and her support.

This is the sixth annual Walk/Run, but it is the first year that Wayland is competing against other towns.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to Wayland High School METCO's Page

The Wayland High School METCO Program is proud to present our new blog! Updates will occur periodically, so standby for lots of great content!

Our blog will include:

  • News about METCO events and fundraisers
  • Updates about the accomplishments of many of our students
  • Discussions about the METCO Program, current events, and the state of our schools
  • Much, much more!
Check back soon. For now we are